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Boys Noize – Live @ Fuji Rock 2010 – Japan

Boys Noize

There may be some proof to how good the Boys Noize DJ set was at Fuji Rock’s Red Marquee in my not physically being able to write anything at all until now that the sun’s both come up and gone down again. All I have down in my notebook for the show is four words: THA STADIUM RAVE SHIT! There’s just something about Europeans; they know how to pull off that kind of massive sound. The Red Marquee probably holds around 3,000 to 5,000, but this kind of music could power a party that’s triple that big. Boys Noize – or Alexander Ridha, as it says on his drivers license – certainly knows how to pull it off. On the decks, he’s like a beanpole on springs in a florescent orange b-boy cap, and he commands the action like a kid who just realized, “If I twist this knob, I can make 5,000 people jump up and down like maniacs.”

Source: Fuji Rock Blog

Boys Noize – Live @ Electric Daisy Carnival 2010

Boys Noize

Boys Noize woke up anyone who was feeling beat at EDC 2010. The Berlin-based artist, known to his friends as Alex Ridha, assisted the weary and wired alike as the fest wound down with searing renditions of tracks from his small-yet-stellar catalog of bangers (see “Lava Lava” and “Kontact Me”) accompanied by red, black and white visuals projected onto screens (via SPIN & URB).

Source: Boys Noize Blog

Boys Noize – The Creators Project Interview

Boys Noize

A few weeks Vice and Intel launched The Creators Project, a global initiative bringing together the world’s leading and most relevant innovators in music, art, film, design and architecture through a common passion for creativity and technology. Don’t miss this insightful and in-depth interview experience with the rising German legend. This is essential viewing!

Boys Noize – The Creators Project

Boys Noize – May JunoDownload DJ Chart

Boys Noize

Boys Noize shows love for Spektre, Peter Horrevorts and more for May.

01. Boys Noize & Erol Alkan – Avalanche [Phantasy Sound]
02. Shadow Dancer – Biscayne [Boysnoize Germany]
03. Spektre – Vektor [Respekt]
04. Les Petits Pilous – Bielle [Boysnoize Germany]
05. Djedjotronic – Feta [Boysnoize Germany]
06. Peter Horrevorts – Bloody Hands (GEM Germany]
07. Boys Noize – Transmission (Mr. Oizo Remix) [Boysnoize Germany]
08. James Blake – The Bells Sketch [Hessle Audio]
09. Chilly Gonzales / Boys Noize – Never Stop [Phantasy Sounds]

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WMC 2010 – Boys Noize & Erol Alkan @ Grand Central

Boys Noize Erol Alkan

For those that prefer their 4/4 rhythms with some “ooooomphhhhhh” as well as admiring the technician approach to DJing, we imagine you will enjoy this live video experience of Boys Noize and Erol Alkan.

Boys Noize – Raw Power

Boys Noize

Coming through on that big, distorted electro wave that brought us fellow buzzed-out contemporaries like Justice and Teenage Bad Girl, Germany’s one man maestro Boys Noize has been packing out clubs and destroying dancefloors on a nightly basis. But rather than ride that wave, the man behind Boys Noize’s iconic disco ball skull Alex Ridha has been on a constantly evolving course, flittering about from the straight up bangers of yesteryear to something a bit more complex and inventive on his latest album Power.

Boys Noize – Raw Power

Boys Noize vs. Editors – You Don’t Know Love

Boys Noize vs. Editors - You Don't Know LoveCheck out this new remix by man of the moment – Boyz Noise – of The Editors brand new single – ‘You Don’t Know Love’.

Online Link: Boys Noize vs. Editors – You Don’t Know Love

Chromeo + Siriusmo + Boys Noize

Chromeo + Siriusmo + Boys NoizeDid you catch this over at the Boys Noize blog?! As a special gift Boys Noize unleashed his edit of the Siriusmo remix of Chromeo’s ‘Night By Night’!

Online Link: Chromeo + Siriusmo + Boys Noize

Boys Noize Dropping New LP

Boys Noize Dropping New LPHaving confirmed his position as one of the electro community’s most enduring entities, Boys Noize is gearing up to release his second LP, the aptly titled Power at the end of September.

Online Link: Boys Noize Dropping New LP WMC 2009 Video: Boys Noize (Part 1) WMC 2009 Video: Boys Noize (Part 1)The fast rising German techno star, Boys Noize, dropped one of the best sets of the conference at the Beatport pool party and the WMC team was there to soak it up. More coverage coming so stay tuned, but for now, enjoy this plethora of techno porn!
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