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The Magician – Magic Tape 43

The Magician

Ben Macklin -It’s Over Feat. Emma Brammer (Tommy ’86 Remix) [Modal Recordings]

Ben Macklin Tommy '86

Synthwave funk on display with this soulful remix from Tommy ’86. Surprise dance floors with this memorable vocal gem full of bottomless depth!

Music released by Tommy ’86 is available for purchase here.

Jean Tonique – The Talent Mix #13

Jean Tonique

Chromeo – Jealous (Solidisco Remix)

Chromeo Solidisco

A funky, filtered, banger from the Solidisco boys…bass-heavy and solid – ready to do the business!

Music released by Solidisco is available for purchase here.

Pharrell Williams – Brand New (Geisha Twins & DiscoSocks Bootleg) [Free Download]

Pharrell Williams Geisha Twins Discosocks

Disco, funky house bliss on this bootleg action. Pure party stomper!

Music released by Geisha Twins is available for purchase here.
Music released by DiscoSocks is available for purchase here.

The Phantom’s Revenge – Breakin Turbo Broom Dance [Free Download]

The Phantom's Revenge

Music released by The Phantom’s Revenge is available for purchase here.

NAPT – Come Like This EP (Nest) [Free Download]


Music released by NAPT is available for purchase here.

Luke Solomon – Business As Usual (Live From The Wash House) [May 2014]

Luke Solomon Classic Music Company

Track Listing

01. Baba Stiltz ‘Principles’ (Studio Barnhus)
02. Anthony Khalil ‘I Need That’ (that man Monkz version) (Shadeleaf)
03. Remi Mazet ‘Les Merguez’ (Colours) Read more

Wunder Wunder – Coastline (Goldroom Remix)

Wunder Wunder Goldroom

A beautiful escape into a surreal state of audio bliss. Strap on those bass-heavy headphones, jump on that skateboard, and cruise to the park. Lovely!

Music released by Goldroom is available for purchase here.

Lenno – Data Transmission Exclusive Mix (May 2014)


Track Listing

St̩Louse РSixteen
Le Youth – Dance With Me (Extended)
Years & Years – Real (Tobtok Remix) Read more