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The Phantom’s Revenge – Breakin Turbo Broom Dance [Free Download]

The Phantom's Revenge

Music released by The Phantom’s Revenge is available for purchase here.

NAPT – Come Like This EP (Nest) [Free Download]


Music released by NAPT is available for purchase here.

Luke Solomon – Business As Usual (Live From The Wash House) [May 2014]

Luke Solomon Classic Music Company

Track Listing

01. Baba Stiltz ‘Principles’ (Studio Barnhus)
02. Anthony Khalil ‘I Need That’ (that man Monkz version) (Shadeleaf)
03. Remi Mazet ‘Les Merguez’ (Colours) Read more

Wunder Wunder – Coastline (Goldroom Remix)

Wunder Wunder Goldroom

A beautiful escape into a surreal state of audio bliss. Strap on those bass-heavy headphones, jump on that skateboard, and cruise to the park. Lovely!

Music released by Goldroom is available for purchase here.

Lenno – Data Transmission Exclusive Mix (May 2014)


Track Listing

St̩Louse РSixteen
Le Youth – Dance With Me (Extended)
Years & Years – Real (Tobtok Remix) Read more

BeatauCue – Lovato [Kitsune Maison]


A nod of respect to an older era of piano happy house. Straight to the point, and sounds delicious!

Music released by BeatauCue is available for purchase here.

Davidian – What I Want ft. Tiffani Juno (EP Minimix) [Kitsune Records]


The entire EP package is available in the preview below, and each release is slammin’ in their own right. We are stunned by Davidian’s young age as a producer…but no matter – this is excellent music!

Music released by Kitsune Records is available for purchase here.

The Knocks – Boombox Radio Mix w/ Liquid Todd (Alt Nation/Sirius Radio)

The Knocks

Track Listing

The Knocks – Dancing With The DJ (The Knocks RUNVS edit)
The Juan Maclean – Get Down (With My Love)
Claire – Games (Caleb L’Etoille Remix) Read more

Party Supplies – Going Back To New York (The Knocks Remix) [Fool's Gold Records]

Party Supplies

Fool’s Gold continues to keep it’s finger on the pulse of virtually any style of trend-setting sounds, and have released a sweet combination here between Party Supplies and The Knocks. Feel-good rhythms and vocals for those summer jam sessions…we’re feelin’ it!

Music released by The Knocks is available for purchase here.

Reflex – Sunset [Tigers On A Leash]


Deep, positive French vibes equates to a formula that never grows old. Love this new vocal release from Reflex – not crossing over the line into Pop EDM – and maintains a level of quality that should resonate with true fans of proper house music!

Music released by Reflex is available for purchase here.