ComboStar – Combostella EP [La Valigetta]


La Valigetta Records is proud to release after almost 10 years from their originating Filtered-House smashes – IN MY SOUL [CHATEAU FUNK] (2003) and SHINY IDOL [INDECENCE RECORDS] (2005) – the comeback EP “Combostella” from French House producers ComboStar. Fans of the treasured, golden-age era of this sound will surely remember the rare talent that this outfit showcased back then, and will most likely jump to their headphones upon reading this post. Head directly to “Straight In The Eye” and “Realize” for that feel good emotion!

To purchase ComboStar – Combostella EP [La Valigetta], please click here.

ComboStar – Combostella ep by La Valigetta

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