Rane Sixty-Eight: A Mixer/Controller for Two Laptops

Rane DJ Mixer

For all you Serato DJs who’ve ever had a nightmare trying to patch in your laptop at a gig when the DJ before you was also using a Serato setup… well Rane has the solution for you! Create Digital Music has the lowdown on the new Rane Sixety-Eight dual-computer DJ mixer:

It had to happen sooner or later: the computer has supplanted the turntable, so why not a mixer intended for two computers?

That’s the idea behind the just-announced Rane SIXTY-EIGHT. It’s intended for use with two computers via two independent USB ports, plus controller support (intended primarily for Serato’s tools, but presumably adaptable to other software) for up to four virtual decks.

Now, as a way to manage four decks, it seems like absurd overkill – hasn’t Traktor done four decks for years? But if this solution is indeed software-agnostic, it could be a boon to advanced computer musicians wanting to use computers, or DJs wanting to mix Ableton Live on one machine and a DJ app on another. Of course, you could simply do that with normal audio outputs, or even digital outputs that aren’t USB – in fact, many of the Apple machines (among others) come with digital outs.

Head on over to CDM for the full article.

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