Ms. Pinky + Max for Live = Scratch Anything in Ableton

Ms. Pinky has been on the scene for quite a while pushing out various software tools to let you manipulate audio with timecode records. With Max For Live on the scene you can now scratch in Ableton via Ms. Pinky giving some users an alternate to Ableton’s The Bridge. Create Digital Music posted the down-low on this development:

What should DJing in Ableton Live look like? How could conventional vinyl cueing and scratching be integrated with the Live environment? Serato and Ableton gave us one possible answer to that question last week with The Bridge. Their solution: use your Serato DJ set normally, and simply sync the transport of Ableton Live when the two run simultaneously.

That solution could be ideal for some users, but it falls short of what many expected, which was the ability to scratch audio elements from Live as though they were on vinyl. Scratching Live clips would seem to be the best of both worlds: you get all the live sequencing features of Live, but you can still manipulate sound as you would on a turntable.

Ms. Pinky Revised from Mastah Lee on Vimeo.

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