Exclusive Review: Wolfgang Gartner – Push & Rise

Exclusive Review: Wolfgang Gartner - Push & RiseArtist: Wolfgang Gartner
Title: Push & Rise
Label: Kindergarten
Format: Digital
Release Date: April 14, 2009
Audio Sample: Listen

With the digital download sites being flooded lately by a surprisingly amount of very talented producers, it becomes increasingly difficult to measure which ones are truly raising the bar beyond the rest. Besides crafting sonically pristine synth patches and writing catchy or intelligent hooks, one of the biggest barometers for quality is, in this reviewers’ opinion, range.

There are so few producers out there that consistently put out wildly different styles of quality house music, that whenever one does, they almost immediately capture our attention. Eric Prydz and Deadmau5 are two examples, and it is fair to say that recent sensation Wolfgang Gartner is equally deserving of that respect…

Besides the fact that he made a name for himself producing deep and jackin’ house music as Joey Youngman, Wolfgang Gartner has lately appealed equally to fans of ADD-infused, over-the-top electro house as well as lovers of smooth and sexy progressive.

With his latest release “Push & Rise”, it is evident that Mr. Gartner’s range goes even further – this time to the realm of French-inspired club bombs. The centerpiece of “Push & Rise” is a tweaked-out vocoder processing of super-fast lyrics that have something to do with pushing and rising (of course). The track has a very sampled, old school feel while also managing to sound very current and relevant – this probably has something to do with Wolfgang’s superior skills in the studio, as his tracks have a trademark crispness and punch that instantly separates him from the rest of the pack.

This track is highly recommended to DJ’s that enjoy positive reactions from their dancefloor or music lovers in general. Well played, Mr. Youngman.


1. Push & Rise (Original Mix)

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