Exclusive Review: Doug Willis – Doug Dastardly (Joey Negro One Way Mix)

Exclusive Review: Doug Willis - Doug Dastardly (Joey Negro One Way Mix)Artist: Doug Willis
Title: Doug Dastardly (Joey Negro One Way Mix)
Label: Z Records
Format: Digital
Release Date: 3/11/07
Audio Sample: Listen

Every DJ wishes for that special treat to come his/her way prior to that annual WMC event that will make him/her sound special and unique and fuzzy inside. ohhhhh when will that time come. DJ Santa, I know its only March, but when will you bring me that yum yum treat?

Well boys and girls, this is the mutha’ funkin’ JAM that will quantify your DJ profile above and beyond those other sucka’ DJs who think they got game. You like wicked tribal rhythms? Check. You like nasty, unique electro that doesn’t sound played out? Check. You like “mind fuck” type trippiness in your music? Check. Lastly, you like everlasting energy that will drive the dancefloor absolutely bonkers? CHECK!!!..

Big ups to one of the true masters in the house music game. Joey Negro rips this one out of the park, and should be mighty proud to have this choon signed to his label. We’ll be hearing this one all over Miami, and when you think this choon can’t get any better, just wait ’till you hear those crazy organ-like keys that Joey is infamous for. you’ve been warned!

Track Listing

“Doug Dastardly” (Joey Negro One Way Mix)

“Doug Dastardly” (Feel the Percussion)

“You & I” (Timmy Vegas B’ham Housin Authority Mix)

“Disco Owl” (Original Mix)

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