Exclusive Review: DJ Disciple Feat. Suzy – Yes

Exclusive Review: DJ Disciple Feat. Suzy - YesArtist: DJ Disciple Feat. Suzy
Title: Yes
Label: Hed Kandi
Format: Vinyl
Release Date: 2/9/06
Audio Sample: Listen

The man behind Catch 22 recordings can sit back and watch his gem of a few years back getting picked up and remixed by one of today’s hottest house producers + labels.

For those of you not familiar with DJ Disciple, this is a great tune to introduce yourself to his world. An uplifting, infectious tune that grasps the true spirit of house music with it’s positive vibes and quality vocals (but there is a dub for the vocal haters as well). There is a reason why large labels enjoy signing special tunes from smaller labels…

Smaller labels don’t have the financial capital to share with the entire world sometimes, and larger labels recognize this, and if the tune stands the test of time, and continues to thrill the dance floors, well then. not much more needs to be said. This one is special and Hed Kandi. errrr. Ministry of Sound I should say will most likely be making a pretty penny or two off this!

Ian Carey steps in and injects his signature energetic yet crisp production without altering the track’s original skeleton dramatically. In this reviewer’s opinion, a perfect remix to re-introduce this track for those who were not lucky enough to discover it in 2003. Enjoy!

Track Listing

“Yes” (Ian Carey vocal mix)

“Yes” (Ian Carey dub)

“Yes” (acappella)

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